About JOil


JOil is a Singapore based joint venture company promoted by Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory Ltd., Singapore, Tata Chemicals Ltd., India, Wuthelam Holdings Pte. Ltd., Singapore and Toyota Tsusho Corporation, Japan. JOil’s competence lies in plant sciences, crop agronomy and processing technologies.  JOil’s current  focus is on Jatropha, a potential oil seed crop and in due course a few other non-edible oil seed crops like Pongamia, Castor will also be taken up for research and commercial deployment. This will enable JOil to have a variety in its offering to cater to the needs of different customer segments. 

JOil has a collective experience of more than 60 years in Jatropha, and has the expertise to conceptualize, structure and implement commercial scale agricultural projects across different parts of globe.

JOil, a pioneer in Jatropha research and technology through its path breaking research has evolved elite varieties and hybrids with desirable commercial traits of higher yields, short gestation period, pest & disease tolerance, oil content etc.. JOil’s expertise in biotechnology and genetic engineering is being used to achieve significant increases in desirable plant traits. Two of JOil’s elite seed derived varieties, JO S1 and JO S2 are currently being offered for commercial deployment. JOil’s pipeline of intraspecific varieties, interspecific hybrids and genetically modified varieties are under various stages of evaluation.

JOil strength also lies in its in-depth knowledge and process technologies pertinent to the various value addition propositions of Jatropha by-products. Pathways to produce detoxified kernel meal (a potential source of protein in feed formulations), natural wax, and bio pesticides have been standardized at lab scale and are in advanced stages of pre commercial trials. Technologies to process detoxified Jatropha oil for applications in industrial chemicals sector are also under pre-commercial trials.

JOil is presently developing commercial scale Jatropha projects in Asia and Africa through which it plans to establish and show case the complete Jatropha value chain and its commercial viability, thereby promoting socio-economic development in the targeted regions.

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