Planting Material Business
Planting Material Business


JOil has established itself as a biotech company focusing on the scientific development and multiplication of Jatropha curcas. JOil has developed high quality Jatropha planting materials for commercial supplies and provides Standardized Agronomic Practices to support the new agro‐industrial plantation developers. JOil’s offerings are:

  • Open Pollinated Varieties: JO-S1, JO- S2, JOS3 & JOS4 (early fruiting and higher seed yield)
  • Hybrids: Evolved through TC and Hybrid Seeds Technology characterized by their short stature and productivity, suitable for high density planting schemes
  • GM Jatropha: With standalone or stacked traits including high oleic acid content, disease resistance, higher oil content and low toxicity
  • Technology Licensing: Tissue Culture Propagation Technology, Hybrid Seeds Technology

Technical Consultancy Services: Customized agronomy practices manual, pre‐plantation consultancy & feasibility studies, plantation management consultancy, and comprehensive lab analytical services

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