Plantation and Processing Business
Plantation and Processing Business


JOil has developed what it describes as a robust modular agro‐forestry model that would follow the nucleus plasma plantation model for implementation. Modules would be developed in partnership with local communities thereby serving to meet both their food and energy needs. A number of these models are planned to be implemented in regions including Africa and Asia. Such modules could be developed either by:

  • JOil itself, wherein JOil will fund and implement such projects
  • Participating in a consortium wherein JOil will contribute its expertise and know‐how including planting materials, agronomy practices and processing technologies. Other partners in the consortium would include landowners with local knowledge, plantation management companies, processing players, companies from applications sector, and financial investors.

The products and services under this section would include the following:

  • Bio energy products: Crude Jatropha Oil, Seed cake, Biomass, Biodiesel, Bio jet fuel
  • Bio based products: Detoxified/ non-detoxified  Jatropha oil for industrial chemicals, polymers, candles, protein meal based bio glue for wood industry  (i.e. plywood), animal feed, bio pesticides and bio insecticides (i.e. mosquitos larvae), other applications in nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals
  • Technology Licensing: Detoxification technologies and  processing technologies
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