Technical Team


Anthony Darko

Anthony is a Ghanian-American with formal education in Economics but branched into Information Technology through further studies with Oracle University in Dunwoody in Atlanta, USA. In 2000, he joined Board River technology as a System Analyst and a Database Infrastructure Designer. After the successful IPO of the company he joined America Insurance Group as Sr. Database Administrator for 4 years prior to joining West Communication and Emory Healthcare and University in the same capacity.

Anthony started exploration of opportunities in the public and private sectors of Ghana and through his private consulting firm, GenCorp Industries led investors to explore opportunities in Garment Industry, Telecom Industry and Agriculture under the Presidential Special Initiative of the Government of Ghana.

Currently Anthony is the General Manager of SOIL after starting the Company in 2008. Anthony has been instrumental in the successful registration of the company land rights, establishment of cordial local relationship, management of the human resource and financial aspects of SOIL and the eventual realization of the current state of affairs.

Dr. Kins Varghese, Director for JOil India and JOil Africa

 A Doctorate Degree holder in Agronomy, MBA from IGNOU and MIPL (Master of Intellectualproperty Law).He has over 15 years of experience in the agronomy ofvarious crops. He started work on Jatropha since 2005under Mission New Energy’s 80,000 ha Jatropha project in Indiaand gained extensive knowledge and skills in managing multi-location Jatropha plantation especially contract farming,and experimental trials across India and in Africa. As part of the team hewas instrumental in the development of Package of Practices for Jatropha cultivation undervarious agro-climatic conditions. In addition to daily management of JOil India operations, he is also managing JOil's African operations. He has 21 research papers, 11 popular articles and a Book on SeedTechnology to his credit.

Dr. Yi Chengxin, Chief Breeder

 A PhD in Plant Genetics and Breeding fromNanjing Agriculture University, China. He has over 23 years of experience in crop genetics& breeding and large-scale plantations, plus experience in molecular marker assistedselection and transgenic breeding in cotton, rice and Jatropha. He has worked on Jatropha since 2006 on its genomics, genetics and breeding. Being a crop geneticist& breeding expert with strong knowledge and experience in agronomy and fieldtrials, he is leading JOil Jatropha breeding and agronomic research. He made significant contribution to the pipeline of new Jatropha varieties, especially hybrid seed varieties and those NEW Jatropha with exotic genetic contributions.

Dr. Yogendra Kr. Tripathi, India Breeding Team Leader

A PhD (Ag.) in Genetics and Plant Breeding from pioneer institute Central Agroforestry Research Institute (Indian Council of Agriculture Research), Jhansi, India and also holds a Master's degree in Business Administration from Symbiosis, Pune. He was awarded many reputed ICAR fellowships during his stint of 6 years with ICAR institute in different agricultural crops in the area of breeding & molecular biology, and also was awarded first position in Master of Science in Genetics.  He has over 8 years of experience in commercial research and development of Jatropha crop (as a leading breeder of Quinvita Plant Science, Belgium before joining JOil in 2014). He also has in-depth knowledge and experience in conducting breeding research and development activities of a variety of agriculture crops like Cotton, Wheat, Oats, Clover, Sesame, Sorghum ,Cassava and legumes. He has 26 research paper published in national and international journals, 5 popular articles and 2 book chapters. 

David A, Marketing Manager, JOil India

 A graduate in Horticulture and a postgraduate in Business Administration with 16 years of professional expertise in Plantation Management, Business Development, Marketing & Sales. He has worked on Jatropha since 2007as part of Mission New Energy’s 80,000 ha Jatropha project, and tea plantations in India. Core competence includes nursery operations, plantation development, contract farming, new business initiatives, marketing, sales and business development. He helped set up and manage JOil’s field trials in various parts of India.

F. Suhartono Wijoyo , Director for Monfori Nusantara

 Has obtained his Bachelor degree in Forestry from GadjahMada University, Yogyakarta, Indonesia (1987) and MSc in Quantitative Forest Genetic from North Carolina State University, USA (2000). He worked in East Kalimantan for developing improvement programs forlarge-scale forest plantation from 1988 to 2003. From 2003 to 2006, he was a Senior Researcher in Riau who was responsible for tree improvement program of Acacia and Eucalyptus on mineral and peat land. He joined JOil in 2011 and involved in Jatropha breeding and field trials, also helped JOil African operations. He invented the new nursery technology for Jatropha.

SuzyRatnawatyMadjid, General Manager of Monfori

 Holding a BSc of Biology (Universitas Nasional Jakarta, 1987), she has 29 year of experience in horticulture research and management of industrial scale production of plantation materials. In addition to developing new production protocols for new plant materials, she manages one state of art facility and a team of more than 100 in producing up to 10 million plants every year.

Zhang Shilu

A Master’s Degree in Crop Genetics & Breeding from Anhui Agriculture University, China. He has over 8 years of experience in rice conventional breeding and molecular marker assisted selection breeding. He has worked on Jatropha conventional breeding and transgenic breeding since 2008, and was keenly involved in the development of elite Jatropha lines and in the development of Jatropha hybrids using male-sterile lines.

Kasthurirengan Sampath

Obtained Ph.D. in Biotechnology with strong Plant Biology background from Bharathidasan University, India and received certification on GMO courses from Cornell University & AMIGA, EU sponsored project. University Gold Medallist - First Rank Holder in Master’s and Second in Bachelor’s Degree. Has more than 13 years of research experience in plant biology, tissue culture and genetic engineering, in Cucumissps, Sugarcane, Cowpea, Soybean, Jatropha, medicinal plants (Withania and Podophyllum) and various tree species. Started Post Doctoral career in 2008 with Dr. Hong Yan at Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory, on biotechnological approaches to propagate endangered and heritage trees of Singapore and Jatropha genetic engineering projects. Joined JOil in 2012, as Associate Scientist working on regulatory approval of global first GM Jatropha field trial, established the first offshore GM field trial and operations, environmental risk assessment (ERA) of GM Jatropha, GM breeding aspects for commercial release. Has more than 15 research articles on peer reviewed journals.

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