Dr. HONG Yan

Has a background in biological science training(PhD, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, 1989) and business studies (MBA, NationalUniversity of Singapore, 2001). Since 1998, He conducted independent research in the Institute of Molecular Agrobiology (later in Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory) on biotech crop development, forestry biotechnology,herbal medicine, bioenergy plants and new technology development. He is also an Adjunct Associate Professor with Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and a member of Singapore Genetic Modification Advisory Committee. He has 10 patents and 80 research papers/book chapters to his credit. He started working on Jatropha since 2006 and was instrumental in setting up JOil's Breeding program. He led the R & D team in developing the pipeline of new Jatropha varieties and new processing technologies, applying and conducting the global first GM Jatropha field trial and securing plant breeder certificates for JOil elite varieties. He also coordinated R&D collaboration with TLL and ensured smooth technology transfer.

Giovanni Venturini Del Greco

Giovanni Venturini Del Greco serves as Chief Executive Officer of Agroils Technologies SpA. He is the Founder of numerous Jatropha companies. He is a Partner of Treedom Srl, a carbon forestry company and serves as Chairman of the Jatrophabook Association. Giovanni holds a degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Florence.

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