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Jatropha through the generations    July-01-2017

As published in Biofuels International - July /August 2017 Edition Jatropha is here to stay conquering all of the odds stacked against it. This is a welcome reality. Crop and agronomic research on Jatropha progressed in a structured way, thanks to the efforts of companies like JOil. The efforts and capital invested in these endeavours have started yielding the desired outcomes. JOil’s pilot Jatropha plantation project in Ghana spread over 500 acres seeks to capture the entire value chain propositions of Jatropha, thus proving the commercial viability and sustainability of the business even in the present times where the oil prices have loosened up.

African Oil Trader Taleveras Takes First Step Into Biofuels    June-07-2017

Taleveras Group, the African oil trading company, is making its first moves into renewable energy by setting up a joint venture to build a biorefinery in the U.S. with Global Green Development Group.
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