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The road to success in Jatropha is finally here!


To ensure sustainability for future generations, JOil has set a noble vision of becoming a global energy crop and bio products company using plant sciences and processing technologies as its core strength to establish agricultural projects based on oilseed crops. JOil has pioneered Jatropha research and its agronomy, and will follow with other potential non-edible oilseed crops.

With an immense potential to be grown on unused and under-utilized land (including marginal land), Jatropha is considered as a futuristic sustainable option for production of bio-based products for energy and non-energy applications. 

Through a systematic approach, JOil has developed the comprehensive plant science for Jatropha and thereby has addressed most of the challenges that the industry was facing. JOil’s research & development focusses on the breeding & development of elite varieties of Jatropha and the development of certain enabling technologies to breed & propagate the varieties for large-scale commercial cultivation. With the development of both breeding techniques and innovative enabling scientific techniques, we at JOil have produced a portfolio of Jatropha breeding materials and supporting technical services. 

JOil has also been working on commercialization of protein rich Jatropha kernel meal and Jatropha oil through the development of a range  of processing technologies to derive high value added products suitable for sectors like animal nutrition, industrial chemicals etc. 

JOil's high yielding varieties along with the agronomic practices and processing technologies ensure commercial viability of Jatropha projects. JOil currently has operations and commercial links in Asia, Europe and Africa and plans to use them to develop trade links between these regions.

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News & Publications
JOil and Agritech sign MOU to develop 250,000 ha of Jatropha plantations in West Africa
JOil (S) Pte. Ltd., a scientific developer of a new generation of Jatropha curcas, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Agritech Faso SA (“Agritech”), an alternative energy grower and processer of Jatropha in West Africa. JOil and Agritech will explore the development of 250,000 Ha of Jatropha plantations intercropped with food crops using JOil’s elite, high-yielding Jatropha varieties. Field trials will be carried out using JOil’s growing materials at Agritech’s plantations in Burkina Faso, Togo and Benin. The two parties will enter into a formal business arrangement based on the results of the trials.

JOil sees transformation of the economics of Jatropha with biomass fuel cake and animal feed meal production
JOil (S) Pte. Ltd., a scientific bioenergy crop developer of a new generation of Jatropha, sees the potential to double the product revenue per hectare from Jatropha plantations with biomass fuel cakes and animal feed meal. This can lead to a viable “Jatropha economy” and to large-scale commercial growing of the crop.

Singapore partnership develops the world’s first Genetically Modified Jatropha plants
SINGAPORE, 14 May 2012-- Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory (TLL) and JOil (S) Pte Ltd (JOil) have successfully developed genetically modified (GM) Jatropha plants with high oleic acid content in seeds. “Oleic acid is the most desirable oil component for the purpose of biofuel, it gives the best balance between cold flow property and oxidation stability. We managed to achieve greater than 75% seed oleic acid content, much higher than the 45% in regular seeds, through specifically down-regulating a Jatropha gene in a seed specific manner”, commented Dr. YE Jian, the team leader of the group of scientists who developed this first GM Jatropha with a commercial trait.

JOil announces elite Jatropha varieties returns repeatable yields of over 2 tons of seeds per hectare in first year of India Field Trials
JOil (S) Pte. Ltd., a scientific bioenergy crop developer of a new generation of Jatropha, has achieved first-year yields in its India field trials of more than 2 tons of seeds per hectare. The results from marginal land plots in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu are a significant advancement compared to current Jatropha plants that typically do not flower or fruit within the first year.

JOil sees tripling of Jatropha productivity over next eight years through application of biotechnology
SINGAPORE, 9th January 2012 -- JOil (S) Pte Ltd, a scientific bioenergy crop developer of New Generation Jatropha, discussed cutting edge science and biotechnology processes that could increase the present productivity of Jatropha from the less than 1 ton of oil/hectare to 3 tons/hectare using breeding, tissue culture and genetic engineering processes.

JOil (S) Pte Ltd Acquires Plant Tissue Culture Company: PT Monfori Nusantara, Jakarta
SINGAPORE, Nov. 4 /PR Newswire Asia/ -- JOil (S) Pte Ltd has completed the acquisition of PT Monfori Nusantara (“Monfori”), a Jakarta-based plant tissue culture company in July 2011. The purchase was conducted by acquiring 100% of shares of Monfori and its parent company, Flourish International Co. Ltd.(a BVI registeredcompany) by JOil.

Website Relaunch Announcement
21 April 2011, Singapore – JOil (S) Pte Ltd (“JOil”), a Singapore-based biotechnology firm launched a brand new user friendly, interactive website this month. The site is designed in direct response to what the customer expects, and has been developed after months of careful research, planning and development.

New technology a shot in the arm for biofuels
A singapore-based company has developed a home-grown technology that will for the first time commercialise mass production of the jatropha plant.

JOil makes biofuels feedstock breakthrough
THE first-ever commercially produced Jatropha curcas plants through Singapore-developed tissue culture will be ready for markets in India and other regions like East Africa and Southeast Asia by the middle of next year.

Toyota Tshusho Corporation Signs MOU with JOil (S) Pte Ltd
JOil (S) Pte Ltd (“JOil”) is pleased to announce that they have appointed Toyota Tsusho Corporation (“TTC”) as their sales representatives to promote sales and also work with JOil to set up nurseries and / or tissue culture facilities in South East Asian countries

Toyota Tsusho Corporation signs agreement with JOil (S) Pte Ltd
Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory Limited (“TLL”) is pleased to announce that one of its spin-off companies, JOil (S) Pte Ltd, has successfully secured a S$5 million investment from Toyota Tsusho Corporation (“TTC”).

Tata Chemicals Signs Agreement with JOil
INDIA - Tata Chemicals' wholly owned subsidiary, Tata Chemicals Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, is to invest S$25 million in JOil (Singapore) Pte Ltd.

Success in research leads to the spinning off of a biofuel company
Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory Limited (TLL) is pleased to announce the successful development of several key platform technologies related to the biofuel plant, Jatropha curcus, to address current issues confronting the bioenergy industry.

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